Republic TV is the Most Watched English news channel, launched on 6 May 2017 and was founded by Mr. Arnab Goswami. Republic TV has nationalism at its core, the pursuit of truth as its guiding principle and imbibes the fearlessness to investigate, dig out and broadcast the truth in order to fix accountability for a billion. Seeped in hard-hitting opinion and wound with interactive news content and formats, India’s biggest and highest rated News channel now has a UAE Beam. Republic TV has taken over the ratings in India and has steadily maintained 61% market share in India and is now taking over the UAE market.

“Republic is not one man. Republic is the united might of the people. Republic will not bow down. Republic is too loud to be silenced. You are the Republic. We are just your voice.”


NDTV 24×7 is a 24-hour English-language television news channel. It is a legacy brand that pioneered independent news broadcasting in India and has been at the forefront of the news revolution since its inception in 1988 by Radhika Roy and Prannoy Roy, co-founders of the NDTV Network. With Zenith ratings, top rankings, and a viewership of millions, the channel has a significant overseas audience among the Indian diaspora in the US, Canada, the UK, Asia Pacific, South Africa, and the Middle East, where it has the exclusive UAE feed. NDTV has outperformed other channels, and its reporters have been voted the best in the business under 40 list.


India TV is a Hindi News channel launched on 20 May 2004 in India by Rajat Sharma and his wife Ritu Dhawan. Prior to which, they set up Independent News Service (INS), the parent company which owns India TV. A rebranding of the channel took place on February 18, 2022, on the occasion of Rajat Sharma’s birthday, the owner of the channel. Expanding the channel overseas in Middle East, India TV is launching an Exclusive UAE beam on October 2022 for the attention of the Emiratis who want the Indian Flavor & the Indians to keep them aware of all the happenings back home in their own National Language.

Prior to launching India TV, Rajat Sharma was previously the anchor of Aap Ki Adalat on Zee News and Janata Ki Adalat on Star News

Aaj Tak

Aaj Tak is a leading news channel in India, established in 2000 and owned by TV Today Network. With a team of experienced journalists and reporters, Aaj Tak provides breaking news, current affairs, and analysis to its viewers. The channel has won numerous awards for its journalism and innovative programming, including “Seedhi Baat” and “Dangal.” Aaj Tak has a reputation for accurate and unbiased reporting, covering some of the most significant events in India’s history. With its commitment to excellence in journalism, Aaj Tak has become a trusted source of news and information for millions of Indians.

India Today

India Today is a premium news channel in India, founded in 1975 and owned by the TV Today Network. The channel has been providing comprehensive coverage of Indian and global news for over four decades, earning a reputation for accuracy, integrity, and journalistic excellence. India Today has a team of seasoned journalists and reporters who are committed to delivering unbiased and informative news to their viewers. The channel has won numerous accolades for its innovative programming, including Best News Channel at the Indian Television Academy Awards. With its unwavering commitment to quality journalism, India Today has become a go-to source of news and analysis for millions of Indians.


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